How to get resident permit in Germany

how to get German permanent residence

Are you trying to travel abroad to meet your family? How to get A German passport
Are you trying to relocate?
Are you a fugitive and still want to fly out?
Are you trying to study abroad?
Are you trying to work abroad?
Are you trying to visit another country?
Do you want a schengen passport/visa?

AGDPC got you covered, send a private message stating where you’re from and where you would like to travel. Please this is only for interested person’s. With us traveling is 100% guaranteed and takes only 2 weeks.

Whether you choose German citizenship or German permanent residence, both options allow you to continue living in Germany long-term, although some important differences exist between the two that can help you decide which is the best option. Find out the conditions and what you need to know to apply for French citizenship or French permanent residency.

German permanent residency

The whole process is going to cost you $2000 to get German permanent residence. Your information will be registered in their system and you will be issued a German ID card, passport, driver’s license (optional) and permanent resident card. It will be completed within 2 weeks and your documents will be sent either to a nearby embassy or sent directly to you. 100% authentic and guaranteed as the whole process is handled directly by the German immigration.

How to get A German passport, How to get A German passport

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