French Passport (passeport français)


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  • Document: Passport
  • Country: France
  • Type: Biometric
  • Validation: 10 Years
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Buy Top quality  French biometric passport (French: Passeport français )at Quality  Docs with RFID-chip inside online and valid for 10 years. There are 32 pages in a passport. Frequent travelers may request 52-page passport.France now issues biometric passports, and as of June 2009, all French passports issued to carry the holder’s biometric data including digital photograph and fingerprints.

The French passport, along with the national ID card allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union and European Economic Area.

The French passport is valid for ten years for adults (18 ) and only five years for minors.The Imprimerie Nationale issues around three million biometric passports per year.

The Passports have all security features.

Full Name

Unique Number


UV light


Clear Windows Microprint

Magnetic Strip

Signature Strip

Bar Codes


Security Seals

Biometric Data Storage

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