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Document: VISA (Schengen Visa)

Country:  Italy

Type: Schegen Italian Visa

Validation: 5 years and Stay up 90 days

Availability: 3 – 5 days

Note: If a customer needs to verify any other neccesary info not listed, he or she can contact our live chat service and we will be glad to answer all your request and questions


Buy  Quality Italian Schengen Visa online at with validation period of 5 days.

Italy Schengen Visa (Category C visa– For Short Stay Visits) Italy Business Visa: is issued to third country citizens who would like to apply for the Schengen visa with the purpose of conducting business or engaging in commercial activities in the Schengen area. It is usually valid for stays up to a maximum of 90 days.


Who does and who doesn’t need a Visa to enter France?

Not every foreigner and not for every territory of France applies the same visa policy. As such, visa exemptions are greatly influenced by dissimilar factors, where the major ones are foreigner’s nationality. The territory of France that the applicant seeks to visit,  also foreigner’s residence status in Schengen Area or specifically in France, the purpose of visit, as well as the duration of stay.

Speaking of France territories, the law separates them into three following parts. Subject to dissimilar visa policies:

  • French European Territory
  • Overseas Départments or Regions (DOM)
  •  Overseas Territories (TOM)

AGDPC offers a permanent residence permit for non-french nationals, 100% guaranteed, within 2 weeks. For more information on the neccessary requirements needed for processing, contact support.


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  1. Ivana

    It took little longer (4 weeks). But their services are unique. They are 100% reliable.

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